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Note: All software written and distributed is published under the GPL Licence. The Java application requires certain additional libraries and packages, some of them published under different licences. See additional licence files for details.

RFDump Annonymous CVS Access

In order to access CVS, you will need to first set up some environment variables. Anonymous CVS is only via pserver available and reflect a mirror of the developers-CVS synced each hour.


If you do not use a SH or BASH use setenv, or read your shell manual.

cvs login
Logging in to
CVS password: 

Just hit return for a empty password

cvs checkout rfdump

You have now a developer version of RFDump.

RFDump V1.6 Sources

Debian package of RFDump

If you are running debian, you need to switch to unstable and can install RFDump by:

apt-get install rfdump

Old RFDump Versions