Frequently Asked Questiuons about RFDump

Questions: What Hardware is supported and working with RFDump?

Answer: Please go to our hardware page!
You will find a list of working reader incl. the working reader firmware, as well the configuration of the reader parameter to use it with RFDump.

Questions: What is the latest version of RFDump?

Answer: Version 1.4 is the last one, you can compile it on your machine useing any UNIX like OS with the GTK+ Libs, or use a pre-compiled binary version from our download section.

Questions: What Linux-Distribution are including RFDump?

Answer: Binaries and portage will come for Debian Linux and Gentoo, other RPM-Distributions are not planned right now.

Questions: Where can I obtain a card reader that works with RFDump?

Answer: We are currently working on providing detailed information about this matter here very soon.

Questions: I am using Microsoft Windows, can i run RFDump with it?

Answer: There is a a VMWare Image that starts RFdump, you can use it with any VMWare Player (Linux/Windows) without installing RFDump on your machine. You can download the Live-Image here.

Questions: My RFID reader is not supported, what can i do?

Answer: RFDump offers a API for integrating new reader quick, if you want us to integrate your hardware, send / donate us one of your reader (YOU WILL NOT GET IT BACK), and if we have time, we will probably integrate it into the next versionr. If you pay for this work, this will speed it up ,-)

Questions: Is it possible to clone a RFID ePassport (MRTD) with RFDump?

Answer: No not with this out-of-the Box GPL Version that is public available and free software!